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  • CONTENT & MEDIA DEVELOPMENT - Creative technical and non-technical research and writing, conceptualization and scripting of interactive e-learning and video, marketing communications, training/educational materials, and internal communications. We have deep knowledge in the following areas: Athletics/fitness, energy, entrepreneurship, healthcare/medicine, safety and technology.
  • CREATIVE COMMUNICATIONS CONSULTING - Communications plan development, strategic messaging, branding enhancement and communications project management.
  • CO-AUTHORING & GHOSTWRITING SERVICES - Educational, informational and marketing books, and long-form content for business professionals and companies. We offer content packaging consulting, research, client/SME interviewing, outline development, editing, original writing, publishing and marketing services. Additionally, we write memoirs and biographies with individuals.
  • CONFERENCE MANAGEMENT AND EVENT CONSULTING - Conceptualization, planning and advisory services for major conferences, educational events and public relations productions.



Ghostwriting - A multi-national technology company asked us to write a book about their innovation lab. The goal was to document the story behind the lab's creation for marketing purposes but we proposed that it also could be used for employee training and recruitment. It involved extensive interviews with team members, as well as some of the nation's leading innovation lab founders and executives.

Interactive e-learning scripting - A medical school wanted to start using interactive e-learning programs as educational tools for students and practitioners. We were hired by a training development company to research and script-storyboard a program on ultrasound guided regional anesthesia. The presentation would employ extensive interactive elements, audio and video media, and sync with hands-on exercises. Through ongoing collaboration with instructors and the e-learning production team, we produced a highly successful training program. 


Marketing communications - A multinational technology company needed an engaging media-based presentation of a new product for its business customers. We were hired by a media production company to script the highly technical program. Previously, we had contracted directly with that technology company to write white papers, content for their Web site and marketing presentations.

Web-based training - A U.S. federal agency wanted to convert document and classroom-based content for new employees to a story driven, multi-media Web presentation. We were hired to conceptualize and script the program. The site was so effective that we were hired to develop another Web presentation on a set of employee procedures related to work assignments across multiple facilities. 


Communications consulting - A physical therapy device manufacturer wasn't getting traction with their marketing communications. They hired us to guide them on communications strategies, develop a communications plan and implement ongoing activities. The efforts resulted in national publicity, new connections with marketing partners and increased visibility with target audiences.

Business communications -  A U.S. federal energy agency and a Fortune 100 utility conglomerate hired us to provide on-call marketing, training, speechwriting, media scripting, journalism, technical documentation, planning, editing and internal/external communications and creative services. We served both of these clients for well over a decade.



Ideascape, Inc. has been honored to serve clients ranging from multi-national corporations
and U.S. federal agencies to startups and individuals across the globe.


Smart Marketing for Solopreneurs and Microbusinesses
Features simple and effective steps to turn all of your communications into strategic marketing activities. Re-package your skills and services, focus on niches, and leverage relationships to establish long-term clients. These strategic efforts will guide you to build sustainable and growing revenue.

This book will help you:
• Set the stage for effective marketing.
• Create the right tools to support your smart marketing efforts.
• Establish your unique marketing position with target clients.
• Implement your action plan for sustainable results.

Doug Freeman shares this collection of marketing tips based on his decades of solopreneurship in business communications services and consulting. Through Ideascape, he has worked with clients ranging from Fortune 100 companies to startups, in the U.S. and abroad. 

Smart Marketing for Solopreneurs and Microbusinesses by Douglas Freeman
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Workarounds: 50+ insider tactics for age 50+ entrepreneurs
Far too many age 50-plus business professionals are unemployed, under-employed or feel like giving up on their careers. They have been devalued in many industries due to ageism and as a negative side-effect of the global economy. All of this is despite the fact that they have a wealth of knowledge, powerful skills, priceless experience and a wealth of contacts. And this isn't just about the effects of such talent being under-utilized or wasted. The negative economic impact of not having this talent in our global workforce is enormous.

Entrepreneurship, through solo or micro businesses, is the best option for many of these talented people like you. Workarounds contains over 50 workarounds for the common "pain points" age 50-plus entrepreneurs face as they operate, market and grow their ventures. Each workaround contains multiple action items and tactical options to implement immediately. All of this advice applies to a wide range of contract-based business services and even many product-based enterprises. Workarounds is all about strategies and tactics to drive success in the competitive private sector, government and non-profit marketplaces.

Workarounds offers lessons learned from Doug Freeman's decades of self-employment experience and years of research. Additionally, this book contains interview quotes from 20 of the world's most recognized career coaches, entrepreneurship experts, authors/speakers and futurists who advise millions of age 50-plus businesspeople across the globe. Benefit from insights and advice from thought leaders and best-selling authors including Seth Godin, John Tarnoff, Whitney Johnson, Jacob Morgan, Kerry Hannon, Nancy Collamer, Richard Eisenberg, Tom Goodwin, Dr. Ross McKenzie and Marc Miller.

Excerpts and articles about Workarounds have been published on Forbes, PBS Next Avenue, Freelancers Union, blog by nationally know career coach Dana Manciagli and other business platforms.

Workarounds: 50+ insider tactics for age 50+ entrepreneurs by Douglas Freeman
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Ideascape, Inc. is a creative business communications consulting and services firm. We work with businesses of all sizes, government agencies and non-profits worldwide—with a special affinity for startups. It's been our honor to receive national and regional recognition for our work, including Telly Awards, a NASA Achievement Award, a DOE Exceptional Public Service Award and selections at international film festivals for our documentaries.

Our approach is collaborative, imaginative and results-oriented. We provide extraordinary customer service, which is why we've served some clients for 10 years or more.

After we discuss your project to determine if it's a good fit for all of us, we'll develop a detailed proposal. That will cover the following: project description, scope of work, timelines/milestones, all costs, anticipated process, collaboration preferences, as well as additional project and service options that are available. All projects will be completed on time, on budget and at top professional quality.

We also operate a sister company, Imaginexxus LLC. It's the platform for our travel writing and publishing business, including our book series "The Unguidebook™." The principal author and project manager is MacKenzie Freeman. Print and e-books are available on Amazon, Kindle, iBooks and Barnes & Noble.



Please get in touch. Describe your project below, give us a call at 503.246.2439 or request a call from us to discuss your needs. Also, let us know if you'd like to receive notices about our books and media products.

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